How Do I Discover All the Installed Options on My Ford Vehicle?

by Shanan Miller

Discovering all the new options on your new or used Ford can be a lot of fun. If it has been a while since you purchased a vehicle, technology may have changed and you might find yourself confused with all that your new--or at least new to you--Ford car or truck has to offer. Do not be fearful of pressing buttons around the vehicle to see what happens. Be sure you have the vehicle turned on to discover features.

Press Buttons and Play Around with Features

The very best way--although probably not the most fun way--to discover all of the options in your new Ford is by reading your owner's manual from front to back. If buying a new car, many come with a quick reference guide that simply explains the features your Ford has to offer and what each button does. Ideally, going to the owner's manual first will explain the options in your vehicle, where they're located and what they do.

Radio buttons are easy to play with, and you may discover that your vehicle is equipped with Satellite Radio. You can learn how to change the time and how to retrieve important information through a screen on the radio that tells you your vehicle's mechanical condition, such as oil life and tire pressure. Simply remember the button that you pushed to get out of a place that you don't want to be.

Do not push buttons in your Ford that look like they control mechanical functions. 4X4 mode is an example of this. Although seeing the option means that you have it, different vehicles require different scenarios for switching the vehicle in and out of 4X4 mode. You must use your owner's manual for this, or call the dealership or person you bought the vehicle from if a manual is not available. Buttons that light up a feature in your dashboard may not be something you should leave alone without changing back. Press the button again to make the light go off. Lights in the dash usually signify a safety feature that you have turned off, like traction control.

Your key fob also has a series of buttons. Play around with these features with the vehicle turned off. Do not hold down the alarm or door lock button, as this may cause the alarm to go off, if equipped. Holding down other buttons may cause the hatch to rise up (if equipped) or lower the windows--the buttons may even close all of your windows and sunroof.

Press buttons on the steering wheel, which are usually radio or menu function related, and see what happens. You may be able to change your radio stations or control the volume right from your steering wheel. You might even find the cruise control.

Where the light controls are in your vehicle, press the buttons and be sure to remember in what state or position the button was in before you pressed or turned it. You can find out if you have automatic-headlights, fog lights and where your dash light controls are.

The sunroof may have its own set of buttons. Press them or move them in a direction to see what happens. You can always move the button back to its original position to set the sunroof back in its original position.


  • check Do not be afraid to press buttons around the radio and anywhere else in the second or third seat, if applicable. There is plenty to discover in these areas.
  • check Gently tug, push or pull on anything that looks like it might open up or be moveable. You can always put it back after finding out what it does.


  • close Be careful with any function that lights up a notification in the dashboard. This is usually related to a safety feature or how the vehicle will drive, so be sure to press the button or feature again to put the vehicle back in its original state.

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