How Do I Get a Handicap Sign for My Car?

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

Getting a handicap sign for your car will allow you to park in specially designated handicapped parking spots, which are usually located near the front of a building. This may help ease strain on your body. In some states, handicap signs are called disabled permits or handicapped parking permits; the specific term depends on which state you live in. The process of getting a handicap sign varies between states, but the process is basically the same.


Contact your local motor-vehicle office. Inquire about the handicapped parking sign and the application. Obtain the application. Ask the representative if he can mail or fax it to you, or you can download it online. If all else fails, you may have to visit the office to obtain the application.


Complete the application. Be careful not to make any mistakes. Include your personal information, as well as information related to your disability, if asked for on the application.


Contact your doctor to ask him to complete the medical certification section of your application. Your doctor must verify that what you say is true and that you are in need of a handicapped parking permit. Your doctor may ask you to mail or fax him the form, or he may ask for you to bring it by his office.


Turn the application in the motor vehicle office. Be sure to present valid identification and pay the fee required by your state. Obtain your handicapped parking permit and hang it on your rear-view mirror post. Be sure that it can be seen from outside your vehicle.

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