How do I Adjust Points on a Willys Jeep?

by Floyd Drake III

All Willys' Jeeps were offered with inline four or six cylinder engines and use a contact points ignition, which requires adjustment as part of a proper tune-up. Adjusting ignition points on Willys' Jeeps follows the same procedure as all contact points ignitions.


Remove the distributor cap. The distributor on Willys' Jeeps is located on the driver's side of the engine. Follow one of the spark-plug wires from the plug to the distributor to locate the cap.


Inspect the inside of the distributor. Most Willys' Jeeps have one set of contact points, although some may have two. Pull off the rotor located in the center of the distributor and notice the four corners of the distributor shaft where the rotor sits.


Bump the engine slightly by turning the ignition quickly and stopping. This allows the distributor shaft to move slightly, until one of the corners is at the contact point's pivot point, causing the points to open. It helps to have someone bump the engine while you watch the points open.


With the points fully open, insert a .020 millimeter feeler gauge between the points. To open or close the points to set the gap, loosen the adjusting screw holding the points. When the gap is set at .020 millimeters, the points are adjusted. Tighten the adjusting screw.


Place the rotor back on the distributor shaft and re-fasten the distributor cap.


  • check When changing points, it is best to also replace the condenser and rotor.

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