How Does the DMV Permit Test Work?

by Ris Lexington

Requirements to Take the DMV Pemit Test

Although the requirements vary in each state, most juristictions have an age requirement. In order to take the DMV permit test, a person must be of a certain age. In the United States, this age varies between the ages of fourteen and sixteen years of age. The person who wishes to take the DMV permit test must show proof of age.

The Written Test

The typical written test consists of questions which relate to the rules of the road. In order to pass the DMV permit test, preparation is key. Study the basic practices and procedures of road safety. Understand the rules that apply to pedestrians and vehicles. Become familiar with traffic directionality, priority (right of way), speed limits, legal requirements and punishments. The written test may consist of questions with multiple choice answers; however, this isn't always the case.

Identifying Road Signs

Understand and identify the meaning of road signs. Remember their shape, color and any identifying marks. It's quite common for a DMV permit test to include images of road signs. The person taking the test can lose points if he can not identify the sign.

Pass or Fail

In many juristictions, a DMV permit test consists of twenty questions. In order for the test taker to pass the DMV permit test, he must answer a minimum of fifteen questions correctly. It's important to note, though, that every juristiction has its own set of rules and standards. Study hard and aim to answer every question correctly to ensure a passing grade.

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