How to Disable the Beeping on a Nissan Titan

by Leonardo R. Grabkowski

The Nissan Titan, like most modern vehicles, comes with a number of monitoring and warning systems that may chime or beep from time to time. However, there is only one beeping noise you can disable: the horn beep when you push the "Lock" or "Unlock" button on the keyless remote. If the horn beeping is too alarming for you, simply disable the beeping feature on the keyless entry system. Afterward, only the lights will flash.

Crank the Titan's engine or turn the key to "ACC." Push down on the control panel joystick, located in the center of the dashboard control panel.

Tap the joystick downward repeatedly until you arrive at "Vehicle Electronic Systems." Push the "Enter" button next to the joystick to select it.

Tap the joystick down to select "Keyless Remote Response - Horn."

Push "Enter" to change the setting from "Horn" to "Off." This will disable the beeping sound when you push the keyless entry buttons.

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