How to Disable Aftermarket Car Alarms

by Owen E. Richason IV

Aftermarket car alarms are security devices that are installed outside the factory and are generally third party products. These security accessories aid in preventing theft of a vehicle but may malfunction from time to time. In the event you own a vehicle with an aftermarket alarm and it sounds inadvertently or does not work properly, you may wish to disable it temporarily until such time it can be repaired.

Step 1

Check your car for other problems. For instance, a car with a dead battery will not turn on interior lights or play the radio. In some instances, a worn battery will only power certain features and not others.

Step 2

Disable the alarm manually. Make sure the car is not running and the keys are not in the ignition. Lift the hood of the vehicle and remove the leads from the battery to prevent electrical shock.

Step 3

Retrieve the aftermarket car alarm manual. Find the page addressing installation or troubleshooting. Locate the fuse powering the alarm. This will be listed by voltage and color. Open the fuse box located under the dash on the driver's side of the car. Remove the fuse(s) associated with the aftermarket alarm to disable the alarm.

Step 4

Attempt to arm or set-off the alarm to ensure it has been disabled. Place the fuse(s) in a plastic, resealable bag and put it in a secure place to retrieve it in the future.

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