How to Replace the Alternator Fuse

by James Stevens
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Replacing the alternator fuse is simple, but finding out which one it is can be the difficult job as the number of fuses contained in a typical car fuse box has increased substantially over recent years. Fuse boxes used to have 12 or so fuses, but now you can have 30 or more, making identifying a specific fuse much more arduous. However, car manufacturers provide a diagram in their car manuals to assist in identifying fuses. Follow a few instructions, and you are able to replace the alternator fuse in a few minutes.

Step 1

Refer to your car manual to find where your alternator fuse is positioned in the fuse box. Look at the back of the manual, and find the alphabetic listing of items. Look under "F" and find "Fuses." It tells you the page number of the manual to look at.

Step 2

Turn to the page number specified in the manual for fuses. You will find a diagram of the fuse box. Each fuse is listed. Note the position of the fuse listed as "Alternator Fuse."

Step 3

Open your car fuse box. You can usually unclip the cover using your fingers. Sometimes it has a small Phillips screw, so use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screw and open the cover.

Step 4

Locate the alternator fuse by referring to the diagram in your car manual. Pry the fuse out using your fingers or a small slotted screwdriver.

Step 5

Read the fuse rating on the side. You need to ensure you replace the blown alternator fuse with the same rating. You can find a selection of replacement fuses in the fuse box. Sometimes, they are located on the inside of the fuse box cover.

Step 6

Replace the alternator fuse by pushing the new one into place using your fingers. Replace the fuse box cover by clipping it into place or using a Phillips screwdriver to tighten the screw.

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