What is the Difference Between an F250 and an F250 Super Duty?

by Troy Lambert
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The Ford F-Series is the best-selling all time model line of pickups. In 1996, more F-series trucks were sold than GM and Chevy trucks combined. The F-250 is the 3/4 ton model offered by Ford to satisfy the market between the F-150 lighter duty trucks and the ultra heavy duty F-350.


The F-250 has been available for years as part of the Ford lineup. It provided more hauling and towing capacity than the F-150 half ton series, although it was available in the same configurations. It was offered in two versions, the light duty and the heavy duty. The light duty is built on the same frame as the F-150 with heavier duty springs and axles. The heavy duty model shared frame and hardware characteristics with the F-350 one ton model. In 1999 the light and heavy duty were separated as the regular F-250 and the F-250 Super Duty.


As early as 1998, the F-250 and F-350 were assigned their own heavy duty category by Ford. The non super duty stayed in the light duty category with the F-150. The Super Duty resided in the category with the F-350. In 2000 all F-250 trucks recieved the Super Duty badge and they have ever since. Today the F-250 and F-350 reside in the Super Duty category of Ford vehicles.


The F-250 is assured a future in Ford history by its innovation and clear contribution to sales in the Ford lineup. It appears that it will continue in the Super Duty category for the forseeable future, available in four different trim packages and several different configurations.

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