Paint & Finish Guide for a Model A Ford

by Douglas Hawk
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Of the Model T, Henry Ford said: “You can have any color you want as long as it’s black.” However, when he introduced the Model A in 1928, colors were definitely in.

1928 Model A

In 1928, the Phaeton and Roadster color options included a light and dark blue, gunmetal blue, gray, and light and dark beige. The coupe, sport coupe and Tudor were two-toned with combinations including light and dark blue, gunmetal blue and black, gray with gunmetal and beige with brown. On the Fordor, combinations included two blues, two greens and rose beige with brown.

1929 Model A

In 1929, the Phaeton and Roadster options included blue, gray, green and rose beige. The coupe, Tudor and Fordor two-tones were blue with black or solid green, grey or rose beige. The town car came in green, brown, maroon and black. Taxis were either blue or green with cream-colored upper bodies.

1930 Model A

In 1930, Phaetons and Roadsters came in green and brown, copra drab and blue. The Deluxe Phaeton and Roadster were blue, green, brown or black. The Tudor, Fordor, coupe and sport coupe came in two-tone drabs and greens or blue or green with black or all brown or all blue. The cabriolet featured two greens, blue, brown or yellow. The deluxe sedan featured a pair of greens, blue or maroon, and the town sedan came in drab, maroon or two greens.

1931 Model A

The ’31 Phaeton and Roadster came in blue, green, brown, drab and black while the Deluxe Phaeton and Roadster came in blue, green, black and brown. The Tudor, Fordor and standard and deluxe coupes came in two tones including blue/black, greens, two shades of drab, brown/black and all black. The town sedan, deluxe sedan and coupe and Victoria came with two-tones of green, green/black, maroon/black, green/black and all black. The cabriolet was all blue, green/black, two browns, yellow/brown, two greens, all black and all maroon. The convertible sedan came in blue, green and drab.

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