1996 Ford F-150 Specifications

by Matt Wooddy

For several years, the Ford F-150 has not only been the highest selling truck in the United States, but it has been ranked as one of the highest-selling automobiles, according to a January 2010 article on ameinfo.com. The 1996 model year marked the last for the ninth-generation styling of the full-size F-150 truck. Seven F-150 models were available that year, providing a wide market for a large consumer audience.


The base engine that came standard in all 1996 Ford F-150s was a 4.9-liter, inline six-cylinder engine that advertised 145 horsepower. There were two V8 options: a 302-cubic-inch, 5.0-liter engine with 205 horsepower, and a 351-cubic-inch, 5.8-liter engine with 210 horsepower. The six-cylinder engine was suggested for light-duty driving, since fuel efficiency was better than either of the V8 options. The larger engines were for consumers who needed extra performance for heavy-duty loads and towing capabilities. All the engines offered during this year were electronically fuel injected instead of having a carburetor system.


Two drivetrain options were available in the 1996 Ford F-150. The standard drivetrain was two-wheel drive, ideal for road-only consumers intending to use the truck for light, everyday use. The optional four-wheel drive was available in all F-150 models. This particular feature allowed consumers to activate power to all four wheels when driving off-road or on icy roads.

Model Sizes

There were seven different model sizes available with the F-150 in 1996. There were two bed-size options--categorized as short and long bed-- and three types of cab sizes--regular, XL regular and SuperCab. Cab and bed sizes were interchangeable, so any combination was available.


Available interior options for the 1996 Ford F-150 included a CD player, power windows, electronic rear-view mirror and a power driver's seat. In Ford's line of Explorer SUVs, an Eddie Bauer option was available that included upgraded seats, steering wheel and dashboard components. This option was available in the F-150 starting in 1995.

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