1985 Toyota Pick-Up Specifications

by Brooke Ashley
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The 1985 Toyota pickup truck was offered in standard cab or extra cab models. With a fuel tank that could hold 17 gallons of regular gasoline, this truck was able to average between 19 and 23 miles per gallon during city driving, and between 22 and 28 mpg on the highway.


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Both standard and extra cab models featured a 2.4-liter carbureted engine with 103 horsepower. Electronic fuel injection was introduced for the Toyota pickup in 1985, which bumped the horsepower up to 116. The extended cab was able to reach 190 horsepower with a 3-liter engine, and was offered in four-wheel drive. Transmission options included four-speed automatic or five-speed manual. This was the last year the Toyota pickup featured a front solid axle with leaf springs.


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The standard 1985 Toyota pickup truck was 185 inches in length, and had a wheelbase of 102.95 inches. The extra cab model had a wheelbase of 112.2 inches. Both models featured square headlights, rear defogger and fog lights. Exterior colors included brown, red and navy blue. Towing capacity was 3,500 pounds.


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The monochromatic color schemes for the 1985 Toyota pickup included light brown and gray. Carpeting featured tweed trim and seating was vinyl with upholstered tweed trim. A stereo system with cassette player, air conditioning, and dome, map and dash lights were standard features. Power steering was also standard for this pickup truck.

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