1982 Ford F-150 Specifications

by Brooke Ashley

According to Auto Media, the Ford F-150 has been America’s top-selling vehicle since 1982. First introduced in 1975 to the line of F Series trucks, the F-150 included four models in 1982: Standard, XL, XLT and Lariat. Four-wheel drive was offered on the 1982 F-150. The Ranger trim line was dropped from this truck in 1982, as the Ranger became it’s own compact truck later that year. Short or long beds were available for all models.


Engine options available for the 1982 F-150 models included the mid-block 335 cubic-inch Cleveland V-8 and the small-block 221 cubic-inch Windsor V-8. The Ford Essex 3.8 Liter V-6 engine was also launched in 1982. Three transmission systems were offered that yea: manual three-speed, automatic three-speed or automatic four-speed with overdrive. “Lubed for life” ball joints were offered in 1982 for the F-150, and the four-wheel drive versions featured an independent coil-spring suspension system. The 1982 Ford F-150 had a 1/2-ton loading capacity.


The Ford F-150 was available with two-door or four-door entry. The short wheelbase bed was 6.75 feet in length and the long wheelbase bed was 8 feet in length. In 1982, the “FORD” letters on the hood were replaced with the blue oval Ford grille emblem. Chrome trim was featured on the grille, bumpers and doors of this truck. Different trim packages were available, and exterior solid colors included black, silver and red. The four-door model had a maximum towing capacity of 8,500 pounds. The standard tire size for the XL F-150 was 235/75-15.


The 1982 Ford F-150 featured carpeting throughout, and driver and passenger bucket seats were available in cloth or vinyl. Ford's Rear Seat Power Point feature allowed passengers use of an electrical system to power items, and reading lamps were featured in the four-door models. Manual locks and windows were standard, though a power set was optional, and the F-150 had tilt power steering. Standard features included an AM/FM radio and air conditioning. Interior colors included grey, black and tan.

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