1969 Camaro RS/SS Specs

by Jennifer O'Hara
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1969 was the final year for the first generation of Chevrolet's well received and popular Camaro. The Rally Sport/Super Sport model, just one of many 69 Camaro variations in GM's stable, was both powerful and attractive.


1969 Camaro RS/SS buyers could choose from five V8 engines ranging from 350 CID to 396 CID, with between 300 to 375 horses beneath the hood, all with a three-speed manual. However, buyers could also opt to have their dealer install a 427 CID engine able to produce 430 HP.


69 RS/SS models had special vacuum-operated headlight covers with three translucent louvers, as well as headlight washers. Fender striping, back-up lights below the bumper, chrome wheel-well moldings, simulated rear louvers, a black grille and rocker panels, and accented air vents and taillights distinguished the RS package. Both the front and rear quarter panels as well as the grille and steering wheel bore special RS badging.

Other Features

Two inches longer than the 68 Camaro, the 69 had a 108-inch wheelbase maneuvered by recirculating ball steering. Many RS/SS models had power-disc front brakes with drum brakes in the rear.

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