What Does SR5 Mean?

by Russell Huebsch
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The tag SR5 is commonly found on Toyota brand trucks, such as the Tacoma or Toyota Tundra, outside the United States. This term usually refers to any number of custom-designed Toyota trucks.


A Toyota truck with SR5 logo has more options, such as a V8 engine and all power, than the base vehicle, which typically comes with a V6 engine and very basic options, like air conditioning.


During the 1970s, the SR5 tag was only found on Toyota's HiLux series of trucks, according to Stason. HiLux trucks are lightweight and extremely durable -- sometimes employed in war zones because of their durability, according to NewsWeek. Eventually, the SR5 jumped to other Toyota products because of its popularity.


It is possible that the Corolla was the first Toyota car with the SR5 tag, but most evidence suggests its use started with the HiLux, according to Stason.

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