1985 Ford Truck Specs

by Dan Harkins

The Ford Motor Co.'s F Series of full-size pickups is the company's longest-running brand -- about 60 years old. The F-150 models from 1984 to 1986, considered the seventh generation, are nearly identical, with a sportier front end than all previous models. In 1985, fuel injection was almost the only added improvement from the year before.

Under the Hood

The engine in the 1985 Ford F-150 is either a 255-lb. straight-six capable of 122 horsepower, a Windsor 5.0- or 7.5-liter V8 capable of up to 245 horsepower (on the latter) or a 6.9-liter diesel V8 at 170 horsepower.

It also is the first F-150 with a monitored fuel-injection system, and it was available in manual or automatic. Its hauling capacity is nearly 5 tons.

Look and Comfort

All of the 1985 F-150s are in the two-door variety, but the Super Cab was a popular choice during this era, even without dedicated doors for the back seat. The company did revamp the cab in 1984 on the non-extended cab models with 10 percent more legroom. The body panels are made of galvanized steel. Most of the seats are stretch-across on this model, but bucket seats made an emergence with the extended Super Cabs. The available comfort and convenience items on the F-150 ranged from automatic windows and locks to leather bucket seats to standard AM-FM radios and air-conditioning, depending on the version.

Pick your XL

The baseline F-150 is a common sight on American highways. The truck is the highest-selling in the company's fleet. But its XL, XLT and XLT Lariat versions were also prevalent packages for new Ford truck buyers. The XL usually offers a special trim package and possibly some chrome touches; the XLS added even more sporty effects, like a blacked-out grill, special bumpers, headlights and windshield trim, as well as a distinctive striping and dash trim; the XLT Lariat went all out with plush floor carpeting, a special headliner, chrome grille and power windows and locks; and finally, until the name was taken for the company's new SUV in 1991, the F-150 Explorer offered even more luxurious (by '80s standards) decor and an even more distinctive body kit and striping. Most of these 1985 special models also saw the introduction of carpeting instead of paneling on parts of the door panels, as well as the floors.

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