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The 1977 Dodge Power Wagon W200 Specs

by Christopher Rogers

Introduced after World War II, by 1977 the Dodge Power Wagon had evolved into a light-duty, four-wheel-drive pickup truck. Available in three trim levels, the W200 shared many features with the Dodge Ramcharger pickup and the Warlock, a factory-ordered trick truck.


A 215-cc six-cylinder engine powered the standard, two-door civilian Power Wagon. A 318-cc V-8 engine was an available upgrade. Both engines were mated to a three- or four-speed manual transmission. All Power Wagon models could be outfitted with automatic transmissions.


Capable of handling a payload of 6,481 lbs., Power Wagons sat on a 126-inch wheelbase and featured rugged 10- by 15-inch tires. A military version of the W200, the M880, was a 1-1/4-ton light-duty truck with a standard V-8 engine, a two-speed full-time transfer case, an automatic transmission, Dana axles and four-wheel drum brakes. All Power Wagons had full-time four-wheel drive, which Dodge later switched to part-time.

Trim Levels

Available in Custom, Adventurer and Adventurer SE trim levels, all Power Wagons included two-tone instrument panels, a new grille with rectangular lights and upper-body side molding. Available exterior colors were Black, Dark Green Metallic or Bright Red with gold pinstripes. The 1976 Dodge Warlock was a Power Wagon show vehicle that featured fat tires, bucket seats and oak sideboards. The Warlock was released as a distinct model in 1977.

Macho Package

As part of its "Adult Toys" lineup, Dodge offered a "Macho Package." This package included sporty, chrome-disc or painted-spoke wheels, special paint treatments and custom interiors. With yellow decal stripes, Macho packages offered eight special body colors, as well as black low-gloss hood, cab roof and lower body panels. Dodge applied a Power Wagon decal to the lower body in Super Graphics and installed a 3-inch roll bar in the pickup bed.

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