The Difference Between the Ford Expedition XLT & the Ford Expedition

by James Jordan
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The Ford Expedition is the a large SUV, with the XL and XLT being the two models at the lower end of the scale. The XL is the base model among the eight models of Expedition. Most of the differences between the XL and XLT involve option packages and trim.


Even though the XL and XLT are at the lower end of the scale, they are still large and roomy SUVs. The XL starts at $36,660, and the XLT starts at $38,200. The high-end Expedition is the King Ranch EL which starts at $48,790.

Both the XL and XLT feature a 5.4-liter V8 engine. The Expedition will deliver 85 percent of peak torque at 1,500 rpm, which is important when pulling a heavy load. The engine puts out 310 horsepower.


The XL has 17-inch aluminum wheels standard, while the XLT has 18-inch machined aluminum wheels standard and 20-inch premium aluminum wheels available as an option.

Lower bumper fascias are black on the XL, while the fascias on the XLT are the same color as the body, and metallic color is an option. A grille the same color as the body is also an option on the XLT.

Options available on the XLT, and not on the XL, are metallic and deployable running boards as well as black heated mirrors with security approach lamps. There are also a few color moldings available on the XLT as options.

Another important option for the XLT is a power moonroof, not available on the XL. The XLT also has leather seats as an option.


The interior of the Expedition is where you will find most differences. The XLT has more luxuries and more options than the XL. The XLT has dual-zone automatic temperature control, while climate control in the XL is manual. Both vehicles have creature comforts such as power adjusting seats, but the XLT adds power adjustable pedals and a reverse sensing system as standard equipment.

The XLT has a color-coordinated leather wrapped tilt steering wheel with audio controls standard. The XL has the same steering wheel without audio controls.

The XLT has a universal garage door opener standard, as well as rain-sensing wipers and a power liftgate in the back as options.

Both vehicles have entertainment systems with satellite radio as standard. The XLT has a navigation system built in as an option.

A "SYNC" System allows voice commands to operate CD and MP3 players and phones. This system will also give you a report on the overall status of your vehicle. This is standard on the XLT and optional on the XL.

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