The Differences Between the Audi TT & TTS

by Sampson Quain
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With an emphasis on affordable luxury, sporty designs, and revved-up performance and handling, Audi is a leader in the competitive upscale-car market, rivaling BMW and Mercedes for quality. The Audi TT series, first unveiled in 2000, and the TTS, introduced in 2008, are speedy cars that maintain Audi's standards. But he 2010 versions, which are available in coupe and Roadster convertible trims, have some differences in base price, engine, performance and standard features.

Base Price

Without any options, the 2010 TT coupe will cost you $37,800 and the convertible TT Roadster starts at $40,800. The TTS coupe starts higher at $45,900, with the Roadster at $48,900. The differences in base price largely can be attributed to the TTS's high-performance engine.

Engine and Performance

Another difference between the 2010 Audi TT and TTS is the power under the hood. The TT's four-cylinder, 200-horsepower engine isn't as revved-up as the TTS's four-cylinder, 2-liter, turbocharged, 265-horsepower engine with a torque of 258 foot-pounds at 6,000 rpm. The TTS burns from zero to 60 miles per hour in 4.9 seconds; the TT covers the same distance in 5.9 seconds. The TT Roadster has the same engine as the TT coupe and goes from zero to 60 in 6.1 seconds, while the TTS Roadster, with the same engine as the TTS coupe, reaches 60 at 5 seconds.


The TT and TTS coupes both have front headroom of 37.7 inches, rear headroom of 32.6 inches and front legroom of 41.1 inches. Rear legroom in the TT is 29.3 inches, slightly roomier than the 29.2 inches of the TTS. The Roadster trims of the TT and TTS have the same front headroom of 37.6 inches and front legroom of 41.1 inches. In the audio system, subwoofers are standard on the TTS trims but optional on the TT.


The TT coupe and Roadster come up a little short with a length of 164.5 inches, compared to the TTS coupe and Roadster at 165.3 inches. In the height category, the TT trims are between 53.2 and 53.5 inches and the TTS trims are slightly lower at 53 to 53.1 inches. Curb weight also differs, with the TT coupe and Roadster between 3,153 and 3,307 pounds, and the TTS coupe and Roadster between 3,241 and 3,395 pounds. Daytime running lights and high-intensity discharge headlights are optional on the TT trims but are standard with the TTS.

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