What Is a GMC SLE?

by Jennifer Garcia

Just as there are different types of vehicles, there are different types of packages on certain vehicles. Typically, there's the base model, which is the cheapest, then there's the next step up, which offers a few more amenities, then there's the top-of-the-line model, which comes equipped with all the bells and whistles. The GMC SLE is a trim level (not a model name) that tends to be at the base to medium price point for the particular models it is found in.


SLE stands for Special Luxury Edition. (While this sounds like a top-of-the-line moniker, it is in fact not the top-of-the-line trim level.) The SLE is a trim level found on various GM vehicles and is not limited to GMCs.


SLE refers to a package of standard equipment that's available on GM vehicles. Just as there are different vehicles, there are different packages, as well. There are two SLE package options, which are a bit different. The first option represents what's considered to be a base model. The SLE-2 is an upgraded version of the base model, with more features. (There's also the SLT package, which offers the most luxury features of all.)


Though the SLE-2 package is a bit upgraded from the regular SLE package, it's still not as well-equipped as the SLT package that GMC offers. The SLE package offers cloth seats, whereas the SLT package offers leather seats. Vehicles equipped with the SLT package have a CD player and a power driver's seat, whereas the SLE models generally do not.

Drivetrain Options

GMCs with the SLE package typically come in the 2-wheel-drive variety. In addition, they come equipped with a V6 engine; however, a V8 is available at additional cost. The SLT package usually offers the option of four-wheel-drive.


Those who don't want to pay a whole lot of money for a luxury package will most likely find the SLE package to be exactly what they're looking for. Being that there are a couple of different SLE packages to choose from, those who are thrifty will probably be satisfied with the ratio of price to value that the SLE offers. Those who want all the luxuries a vehicle can offer would probably be happier with an SLT model.

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