How to Determine the NADA Trade In Value of a Used Car

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NADA which is the National Automobile Dealers Association has an online guide for determining the trade in value of your car. If you're thinking of getting a new car and need to know how much money you will from trading in your old car, you can use the NADA valuation tool to evaluate your car's value. Here's how to use NADA to determine the trade in value of your used car.

Go to the NADA website and click on the "New & Used Car Pricing" under the consumer section of the site.

Click on the "New and Used Car Center" link under the Car Research category.

Select the make of the car that you want to trade in then choose the year.

Select your car's model and trim. In order for NADA to provide an accurate trade in value, you must provide them with as much information as possible. The trim of a car is basically the car's style which allows NADA determine the standard features for the model's style.

Enter the car's mileage and check all of the applicable equipment options that your car comes with. NADA pre-selects those options that are standard but you've got to select the additional options that they did not include. After all, you know your own car better than NADA does.

Click "Continue" to review the free trade in report. NADA provides four different values. They provide the retail value of the car and they also provide the trade in value based on your car's condition, rough, average or clean. If you car is in bad shape, use the rough value. If it's average, use the average value and if your car is in top notch shape, use the clean valuation.


  • check Although you've calculated the NADA trade-in value, it is recommended that you use the Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds online trade in value tool to compare the three numbers. This way you'll have a better understanding of your car's worth.

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