How to Determine the Price of an Old VW Beetle

by Jonathan Rigden

There are several factors to consider when determining the value of a vehicle. Fortunately, learning how to determine the price of an old VW Bug is simply a matter of knowing who to ask and where to look.

Have a mechanic look over your VW Bug. He should be able to evaluate the condition of the vehicle and give you a range of reasonable prices for it. Mechanics can take into account the mileage and the engine, brake, and interior conditions, as well as the life expectancy of the vehicle. .

Look it up on Kelley Blue Book. On this website, you enter the car's year, make model, general condition (so far as you can tell) and mileage. It even tells you the appropriate price range for your zip code. You can also search this site for VW Bugs in your area and what they are going for. .

Go to Internet Auto Guide and search for VW specifications there. If you are buying a vehicle, you can examine various cars in your area. If you are selling, you can compare your car to other vehicles that have been posted.

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