How to Customize your boat with a deck sunpad

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Spending time on a lake or in the ocean is one of humanity's most primal activities. Our ancestors from way back in time fished as a means of feeding themselves and their families. Now, we often spend time on the water for recreational purposes. Whatever your purpose is, follow these steps for customizing your boat with a deck sun pad.

Always consider safety first. Sun pads should be designed with safety in mind.

Think about the conditions under which you usually start your adventure. If you go out early in the morning, a sun pad with some sort of pile may help keep you warm.

If you boat in a colder climate, be sure to have a warmer with your sun pad.

After considering a sun pad's function, consider its form.

Choose fabric that complements or coordinates with the other colors on your boat.

Choose fabric that is fade resistant.

Choose fabric that will repel the sun's rays rather than absorb them.

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