How to Create a Vehicle Mileage and Maintenance Log Record Book

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Keeping track of your vehicle's performance rate, mileage, and maintenance is just as valuable to the individual car and truck owner, as it is for business purposes.

Your vehicle mileage and maintenance record book can be your best friend to helping you know when to change the oil, rotate tires, get a tune-up and more.

This article will walk you through the steps of creating your own vehicle mileage and maintenance record book.

The first step in creating a vehicle mileage & maintenance record book is to determine the size of your book. Most vehicle mileage and maintenance books are best kept in the glove compartment of your vehicle, so you want to keep is a small enough size to fit. 4" x 6" is the recommended size for placing in the glove compartment.

vehicle mileage pages

Now that you've determined the size of your vehicle mileage and maintenance record book, you need to decided what types of things you want to be able to keep track of, and set up pages for the inside of your book. You can create tables in Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet software for keeping track of things like oil changes, tire rotation, fuel-ups, trips, and repairs. If your not sure about how to do this, you can also browse the free templates through Microsoft and print for your personal use.

vehicle mileage pages

Once you have designed the inner pages of your vehicle mileage and maintenance record book, you will want to print out the pages and cut them to size. Remember, since this is a book, you'll want to cut your pages 1/4" smaller then the size of your intended cover.

Vehicle Mileage and Maintenace Record Book Cover

Using a piece of heavy-weight card stock, cut two pieces of equal size for your front and back cover. You can design the front of your cover anyway you want to, or simply write VEHICLE MILEAGE AND MAINTENANCE RECORD BOOK on the front cover.

Laminate Record Book Cover

Since it's probable that you're not always going to handle your vehicle's record book in prime conditions, you'll want to laminate the cover to protect it against getting wet, greasy, or torn. You can buy non-heated laminate sheets that stick together. Simply unpeel the back paper from the clear plastic and lay your front and back cover face down against the sticky part. Lay a second sheet down on top and seal the two pieces together. Cut out, leaving 1/4" around the edge of the cardstock to maintain a secure seal.

Now it's time to put your vehicle mileage and maintenance record book together. Place all your pages in order, including front and back cover. Using your preferred binding system, punch holes in all the pages and covers and bind as per your binder's instructions. If you don't have binding system, don't fret, you can staple your book together instead.


  • check Keep your page formats simple.
  • check Use ribbon, paper-clips, or store bought tabs to mark pages for ease of use.
  • check Keep your vehicle mileage and maintenance book inside your glove compartment for the length of your ownership of the vehicle.

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