How to Convert a Suburban into a Camper

by Chris Moore

A Chevy Suburban is one of the larger SUVs, but it is still smaller than a van or a standard camper. You may need to get creative if you are looking to convert your Suburban into a makeshift RV. You won't have as much available space as you would with a larger vehicle, so you are likely making a camping vehicle for only one person. You should basically look to create a sleeping compartment within the vehicle and plan for all other activities outside.

Step 1

Remove the rear seats from the vehicle: This usually involves flipping up the levers on the seat bottom to fold the seat back and then forward and then disconnecting it from the floor.

Step 2

Remove one or more of the middle seats if you feel this is needed to clear more space in the compartment. In most cases, fold the seat forward and remove the seat's mounting bolts with a wrench.

Step 3

Create a bed on the floor of the Suburban's rear compartment; how you do this depends on your own preference and how much space is available. This can be just a sleeping bag with foam padding underneath to a small mattress --- remember the sheets and pillows.

Step 4

Stock jugs of water, a mixing bowl and a small folding table within the vehicle. The table can have multiple uses, provided you set it up outside when parked, and the water and bowl can create a makeshift sink if needed.

Step 5

Pack enough provisions needed for whatever trip you are taking; place all perishables in a cooler with ice. You can also stock a portable stove with propane canisters; make sure the canisters don't jostle around while driving.

Step 6

Add extra items like foldaway chairs that can be stored in a small area and used outdoors when parked.

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