How to Compare a GMC Yukon With a Chevy Suburban

by Kristan Hart

General Motors makes both the GMC Yukon and the Chevy Suburban, so you’ll notice many similarities when comparing these two sport utility vehicles. For example, the Yukon and the Suburban both hold the same number of passengers and they have the same amount of cargo space. There are, however, differences in the Yukon the Suburban that you can compare to help determine which vehicle is best for you.


Check the towing capacity of the Yukon and the Suburban by asking the dealer. If you have loads to tow behind your sport utility vehicle, the towing capacity tells you how much you can tow. The Chevrolet Suburban can tow quite a bit more than the GMC Yukon can.


Compare the operating costs of the Chevy Suburban and the GMC Yukon. The cost to insure and the price of an oil change factor into this cost, as does the price of gasoline. The Chevrolet has a larger gas tank than the GMC, so you will pay more at the pump each time you visit.


Test drive each vehicle during your Yukon and Suburban comparison. The GMC Yukon has a shorter wheelbase than the Chevy Suburban. That shorter wheelbase provides a smooth ride in daily traffic, but it can seem unsettled on the highway compared to a Suburban.


Climb in the backseats of the Yukon and the Suburban. Stretch your legs out to see which one has more leg room. If you have children, have them test the seats to see which one is more comfortable.


Compare prices. Examine the price of each sport utility vehicle compared to the features available on that particular model. The Chevy Suburban costs slightly more than the GMC Yukon.

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