How to Make Your Car Smell Clean and Fresh Forever Without Spending A Dime!

by braniac

I don't know about anyone else but I am tired of buying those air freshener trees which seem to be the only affordable option for keeping your car smelling nice and clean. Every time I go into the car freshener isle at the store I see twenty different new fangled gadgets and every one of them, no matter how expensive they are fade after a week. From now on I'm using this instead....

Clean out your car as you normally would. Vacuum the seats and floorboards. Then wipe down the windows and dash.

If you smoke, now might be a good time to kick the habit, nothing sweet scented can survive a smoking environment for very long. If you don't want to quit you might consider banning smoking in your car.

Once you have gotten you car cleaned out, and your sure there is nothing particularly stinky inside, place one Dryer Sheet (any scent, any brand)under each of your car seats.

Then turn your car on and let it run with the heat on for about 10 minutes. This will get the scent flowing strongly, and after that just go about your business normally. Your car will heat up naturally while your driving causing the sweet fresh scent to fill the car every time you drive it.

Dryer Sheets are extremely cheap especially at the Dollar Sore, free even for most of us since they are probably sitting on your dryer right now. The Dryer Sheets last a lot longer than typical air fresheners, and one box would probably last you a year. Smokers, one box will last you maybe six months.


  • check If you really enjoy the strength and longevity of the scent, you can even buy a special box (probably more expensive) of your favorite scent for use just in the car.

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