How to Clean a Fiberglass Car

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Owning a fiberglass car means having to take special precautions when performing routine maintenance. Fiberglass vehicles use different materials in the finishes and paints than the typical production vehicle. This means that special cleaners and polishes will be needed to keep them looking good. When washing and waxing your fiberglass car remember to use the proper products. Do not mix them in with products used for your other vehicles or you will run the risk of damaging your fiberglass car.

Wash the car with a quality grease-cutting dish detergent to strip the old wax. Remember to never wash your fiberglass car in the sun or when the car body is hot. Wash your car in the shade of a garage. Use the microfiber sponges and towels to protect the paint.

Clay bar the car. This will remove the contaminates from the surface of the paint that were missed by the detergent. Glide the clay bar on the paint surface after misting the paint surface with the soapy water (a spray bottle works best for this) or a spray detail lubricant. You should feel a slight resistance on the surface when running the bar over the paint. As you go over the same area repeated times you will feel less friction until the surface glides smoothly. When the bar moves freely you are done.

Apply a fiberglass-specific wax with a cotton applicator Allow the wax to dry completely. The hotter it is outside, the faster it will dry.

Remove the dried wax with a microfiber towel using circular motions. Change towels as they become filled with dried wax. A clean towel polishes. A dirty towel smears.


  • check If you are uncertain about how to properly use a clay bar, consult the specific guidelines that come with the bar. The guidelines provided here are general ones only.


  • close Never allow the wax to remain on your vehicle overnight. It will be nearly impossible to remove and could do damage to your car's finish.

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