How to Clean Engine Parts

by Carole Ellis

Every engine part, no matter how clean-running the engine, invariably gets covered with grease and oil. Since it is all petroleum based, the only way to clean any part is with a petroleum-based cleaner. The best way to do this is with a standard commercial-type solvent cleaner in a solvent tank.

Remove any and all parts from the engine that need a good cleaning. The parts must be removed because if any solvent gets on the plastic or rubber pieces, it has the potential to dissolve them. Don't take that chance. Remove the engine parts before beginning.

Turn the pump on. There will be a flip switch on the side of the unit. The solvent will begin to flow from the faucet.

Rinse the engine parts in the solvent. Put on the rubber gloves and begin taking the parts and putting them under the flow of the solvent. Use a wire brush to help the solvent loosen and dissolve the greasy and oily gunk on the parts. The gunk will dissolve and run down the drain into the holding tank. Keep using the wire brush and running solvent until the parts are clean.

Wipe off the engine parts with a washable rag, or just set them to the side and allow to dry. The parts will be clean and ready to be installed when the remaining solvent has dried.


  • close Make sure there is no solvent left on the engine parts before reinstalling them in the engine.

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