The Best Class B Motorhomes

by Steve Wager

Class B motor homes are the ideal choice for RV'ers looking to maximize their travel time and flexibility of use. When it comes to selecting the best Class B, there are countless models to choose from, and your needs may dictate a particular model, but the modern Sprinter based RVs with Mercedes diesel engines are the best available.

The Diesel Sprinter

Offered in the United States by Dodge and Freightliner, the Diesel Sprinter is actually a Mercedes, and it's most commonly used for commercial duties. The Sprinter makes for an ideal candidate for RV conversion because of its tall factory roof, class leading fuel mileage, quality construction, and comprehensive safety features. Most of the RV builders have a Sprinter based model including Winnebago, Airstream, and Road Trek, making it easy to find a class B model that's right for you.

Spend a little, save a lot.

A class B RV has a tough life. Long hours on the highway, along with the stop and go motoring in destination cities, are demanding on the vehicle power train. As a mobile home packed with amenities, your vehicle will always be under heavy load. This is where the Mercedes diesel has the advantage as it is a commercial duty system capable of 300-500,000 miles without a major rebuild. The commercial grade system is more expensive a the outset, but you save on maintenance in the long run. There's also the advantage of fuel economy savings of up to 10 miles per gallon with diesel fuel over gas along with higher resale values.

Easy to Drive, Pefect for Towing.

All modern class B's are easy to drive, but the Sprinter has a unique advantage with its diesel engine. Diesel engines use a high compression ratio in the cylinder heads that burns fuel efficiently and helps enable high power at low RPM. Besides the fuel savings, it also affects how they drive. Low RPM power means that there's less need for the transmission to shift for passing or hill climbing and less time spent with a lower gear spinning at high rpm. That's easier on the driver and passengers, and it's also the perfect combination for towing.

Find your Benchmark

With dozens of Sprinter based class B RVs available both new and used, it can be tough to narrow down the perfect model for you. Try looking at one of the top brands first, Road Trek or Airstream for instance, and use their price points, construction quality, and feature list as the basis for comparison against the other builders. Even if you make your choice on styling alone, if you start with a Sprinter based chassis, you're sure to pick a winner.

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