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How to Choose the Oil and Fluids for a Geo Metro

by Contributor

The Geo Metro was first offered in 1983. When introduced, these fuel-sipping cars received marginal safety reviews because of their size but were tops in fuel efficiency and cost. Here's how to choose oil and other fluids for all model years of the Geo Metro.

Step 1

Use SAE 5W-30 oil in your Geo Metro's engine. A 10W-30 oil may be acceptable if temperatures won't fall below 0 degrees Fahrenheit, but you should avoid using other oil viscosities like 20W-50 or 10W-40.

Step 2

Keep your automatic transmission running smoothly with DEXRON-III automatic transmission fluid. The manual transmission takes 75W90 GL5 gear oil in model years 1989 and beyond, although both enthusiasts and manufacturers recommend GM Synchromesh oil as superior for all model years.

Step 3

Top off your brake fluid reservoir with clean DOT-3 brake fluid only. Using the wrong grade of brake fluid may result in brake damage or failure.

Step 4

Refill your Geo Metro's power steering fluid reservoir with DEXRON-II power steering fluid as necessary.

Maintain your Geo Metro transfer case as necessary with gearbox oil grade SAE 80W-90.


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