Chevy Cavalier Keyless Remote Programming Instructions

by Ben LeDoux

Reprogramming a keyless remote is tricky due to the programming process that is required. That process is required so that no one programs a remote for your car with the intent to steal it. Here's how to reprogram the keyless remote to a Chevy Cavalier.

Getting Started

The steps for programming your keyless entry remote must be done in quick succession. If you have more than one remote, they will all have to be done at the same time or they will not be in the system. This includes those already programmed in the system. You also need to find your fuse box, which is , underneath the steering column on the left hand side, and remove the BCM PRGRM fuse from the fuse panel. Consult your owner's manual to see where it is inside the box. The location will depend on the model year. Make sure the car is off and the key is not in the ignition before pulling the fuse or you may cause a short in your electrical system.

Make sure all doors are closed along with your trunk and hood.

Program the Keyless Entry Remote

Make sure you have all of the keyless entry remotes very close to you while sitting in the car. Start by turning the key to the "Acc" position, which is the click right before the car starts up. Turn the car back to the "Off" position and back to the "Acc" position within one second to enter programming mode. Then open and close the driver's side door and wait to hear a chime that will indicate that you have successfully entered the programming mode.

Now press and hold the "Lock" and "Unlock" buttons on the keyless remote. If after seven seconds you hear a chime, you have successfully synced the remote to the car. After an additional 14 seconds, there will be a second chime letting you know that the remote has been successfully programmed.

If you are holding the buttons and do not hear a chime, you have a model year that has a different system. Hold down the remote for 14 seconds and then release the buttons and the remote is programmed. Repeat these steps on any other remotes you have.

Turn off the ignition key and put the BCM PRGRM fuse back into the fuse box. Step out of your car and use each remote to ensure that they lock and unlock the car.

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