The Chevy Avalanche's Window Problem

by Anthony Faccenda

Introduced in 2002, the Chevrolet Avalanche is a full-size sport utility truck. Its unique design combines the passenger room of a sport utility vehicle (SUV) and the cargo space of a truck.

Intermittent Failure

Chevrolet technical service bulletins (TSBs) indicate a common problem with the Avalanche's windows is intermittent failure. Avalanche owners report experiencing difficulty powering the windows up and down, window "sticking" and unusual noises coming from the window motor.


TSBs also report that the Avalanche's intermittent failure may lead to windows becoming entirely inoperable. Power window failure may result in one or more windows collapsing into the door frame. If this occurs and you cannot immediately go for repairs, you can attempt to pull the window out of the door frame and secure it with tape or adhesive.


TSBs state the main cause of power window problems is failure of the window motor, which raises and lowers the window. The average cost to replace an Avalanche window motor is approximately $170 to $269 (as of January 2011).

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