How to Check for Tickets on My License

by C. Taylor
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Traffic tickets on your driving record can increase your insurance rates, potentially costing you a lot of money. However, tickets do not stay on your record forever, and will eventually disappear with time. When your record becomes clean again, you may be eligible for a reduction in insurance rates. Insurance companies may not give you this reduction automatically, so it may be up to you to find out if you have tickets on your license and request a reduction. This information can be obtained simply by requesting a copy of your driving record.

Step 1

Go online and visit your state's Department of Motor Vehicles website (see Reference). Your state might call it something different, but the function is still the same. Look for "Online Services" or "Driver's Record." You're ultimately looking for a way to request your driving record online, which makes the acquisition considerably easier. Most states provide such services, although some do not. If they do not, there may be information on how to mail in a request.

Step 2

Download a driving record request form, and fill it out. Mail it, along with the required payment, to the address described on the website. If they do not allow mail-in requests, you might have to visit in person.

Step 3

Look for a website feature similar to "Find locations." They may also list the services provided at each location. Go to the closest physical location that provides driving records, and request a driving record in person.

Step 4

Look on your driving record for traffic tickets listed. Some lists might also contain older tickets that do not technically count against you. You can ask the representative how to distinguish between the two. You may wish to contact your insurance company and ask about its protocol in dealing with older tickets. Some disregard them, but others may count even those that no longer count against your license.

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