How to Find a Auto Mechanic Who Is ASE Certified

by Leyla Norman

Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification is a widely recognized and sought-after auto mechanic credential. A mechanic with an ASE certification is one of about 385,000 mechanics around the country who has passed at least one specialty certification exam and who has at least two years of relevant work experience. They also have to recertify every five years. Finding an ASE certified mechanic can help you know that your vehicle's problem will be solved by someone recognized as a knowledgeable professional.

Step 1

Make a list of the shops in your area. Find a list of them in the phone book or online. Keep your list manageable. Having a list of more than about five to ten shops will take too long to work through. ASE certification is not so rare that you will have to look for very long to find an ASE certified mechanic at a shop.

Step 2

Call each shop and ask if mechanics there are ASE certified. You can also check the shops' websites for information about certification. Cross off shops that do not have any ASE certified mechanics on staff.

Step 3

Visit some shops on your list. Look on the walls to see the blue ASE logo on certificates of mechanics in the shop that have attained ASE certification. Also check the front door. ASE signage may also be posted on or near it.

Step 4

Look on the uniforms of the mechanics on duty at the shop. Many of them wear an ASE patch on their sleeves. Many mechanics also carry ASE certification proof on their person as well.

Step 5

Visit the ASE website ( Type in your zip code or city and state on the ASE Blue Seal Recognized Business Locator page to find an ASE participating shop in your area.

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