How to Calculate Gallons Per Hour

by L.P. Klages
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With gas getting more and more expensive, you might be wondering how much that long road trip is going to cost you this year. Or perhaps you want to find out how your gas guzzler compares with more economical cars when it comes to miles per gallon. Figuring out how much gas you use if driving for a certain period of time will not only help you plan the cost of trips, but it can also give you a good idea of how economical your car or truck really is.

Step 1

Determine the miles per gallon that your vehicle uses. For example a modern sedan might get 35 miles per gallon. If you don't know you vehicle's fuel economy, you can look it up on the U.S. Government's fuel economy website.

Step 2

Calculate your average speed by dividing the number of miles you traveled by how long it took you. For example, if you traveled 200 miles and it took you 4 hours, then 200 / 4 = 50 miles an hour on average.

Step 3

Divide your average speed by the miles per gallon to find how many gallons per hour of fuel you're burning. In the example used here, 50 / 35 = 1.43 gallons per hour (rounded).

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