How to Check on an MVR

by Jamie Lisse

An MVR, which stands for Motor Vehicle Record, is a record of your driving history in the state that you are licensed in. Accidents and moving violations will typically be listed on the MVR, which is sometimes just referred to as a driving record. The MVR typically only goes back a set number of years, which varies by state but can be three to seven years. You can easily check your MVR on your own if you want to have a look at your driving record.


Go to the website for your state's motor vehicle department, which is typically referred to as the DMV. If you do not know the website you can get the link from the “DMV Websites For All 50 States” site (see Resources).


Look for a link to get a copy of your driving record. For example, on the Tennessee DMV website you click on “Driver Online Services” then “Get Copy of Driving Record.” Alternatively you can search for “Driving Record” or “MVR” using the site's search box.


Make a request for your MVR online. If your state doesn't provide that service, you can typically walk into any DMV location and request a copy of your MVR. Some states require you to your fill out an official request form. You can obtain the form in person or by looking for the “Forms” link on the DMV website. Some states allow you to mail a letter to an address listed on the DMV website to make your request. There is typically a fee for your MVR record that varies by state but averages around $5 as of February 2010.


  • close There are websites that offer to get your MVR for you, but for a higher fee than you'd pay to obtain the MVR on your own.

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