How to Check on a Georgia Title

by Tiffany Raiford
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Before you purchase a used car in Georgia or anywhere, it is imperative to check the title of the vehicle. Performing a title search takes little time and provides a great deal of information, which assists you in deciding whether or not to continue with the purchase of the used vehicle in question. Checking the title informs you how many owners the vehicle's had, gives an odometer statement and tells whether or not the vehicle has been in accidents, undergone any repairs for flood damage, or sustained other damage.

Step 1

Ask your vehicle dealership to provide run a title search on the vehicle to check the title for you -- if you are purchasing your used vehicle from a dealership. Georgia state law requires that the dealership provide you with a title history upon request.

Step 2

Check the title yourself if you are purchasing from a private seller. The National Motor Vehicle Title Information System is a U.S. Department of Justice website that allows you to enter the vehicle identification number of any vehicle to obtain a record of the title for a small fee.

Step 3

Make the choice which of the three NMVTIS-approved providers to use to check the title history of any vehicle. Click on the link to their website and enter the VIN, your personal information and your credit card number. The fee differs based on your chosen provider but is not more than a few dollars.

Step 4

Submit your title search and review the title history as it is brought up for you.

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