How to Check the Transmission Fluid Level in an FJ Cruiser

by Matt Scheer
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Toyota makes the FJ Cruiser, an SUV first produced in 2006. The Cruiser has a five-speed automatic transmission, which changes the gears and multiplies the power of the engine without any work on your part. This complicated device would not work without the transmission fluid, which is the medium that connects the engine to the transmission. If there's no fluid or the fluid is too low, the connection ceases and the transmission won't work. At around 30,000 miles since the last transmission fluid change, you can check your transmission fluid level in the FJ Cruiser in a process that takes just a couple minutes.

Step 1

Prop open the hood of the FJ Cruiser.

Step 2

Look for the transmission fluid dip stick, which is yellow and located below the master cylinder. Peer below some other cables to see it, as it is somewhat hidden.

Step 3

Turn on the FJ Cruiser, and, while it's running, reach for the dipstick and pull it out.

Step 4

Verify that the transmission fluid is at the right level. Note the two marks at the bottom of the dipstick head and the two marks at the top of the head. Read the transmission fluid level from the top two marks. Your transmission fluid level should be between those two marks. If it's below, add more transmission fluid.

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