How to Change Trailer Tires

by Nathaniel Miller

Trailers are a useful and economical way of hauling a variety of cargo. However, as with every vehicle, parts can wear out or break. Either due to excessive wear or to having a blow out, the trailer tires will eventually need to be changed. Changing these mid-sized tires is not difficult, and can be done quickly and easily with the right tools.

Slide the jack under the axle of the trailer and jack the trailer tire up a few inches off the ground. Use the lug nut wrench to remove the lug nuts holding the wheel on the axle.

Slide the wheel off the wheel studs and lay it on its side. Make sure all of the air has been let out of the tire by depressing the small valve in the valve stem with a small knife or stick.

Slide the edge of a tire iron under the lip of the tire and pry upwards. Repeat the process with the other tire iron until you have pulled the tire bead off the rim and can slide the tire free.

Lay the wheel on top of the new tire and then again pry the lip of the tire onto the edge of the wheel. Follow suit with the remainder of the tire and wheel.

Use the air compressor to pump the tire up to the recommended pressure, then remount the wheel on the wheel studs. Lower the trailer off of the jack.


  • check Spread liquid soap around the edge of the rim to make it easier to mount the new tire.

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