How to Mount a Golf Cart Tire

by Scott StanchakUpdated October 25, 2017
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Items you will need

  • Rim

  • Tire

  • Tire iron

  • Water

  • Soap

  • Air compressor

  • Safety glasses

Mounting a tire on a car typically requires tools found at a mechanic's shop. Changing the tire on your golf cart, however, is a task you can perform all by yourself. It doesn't matter if the tire went flat near the green on the 17th or you notice the tread running low back at the clubhouse, a quick fix can get you back on the course in no time.


Clean the wheel rim well, especially inside the lip, using soap and water. You may rinse the soap off, but leave the rim wet for lubrication purposes. You can also use a spray lubricant if the water isn't enough.

Wet the new tire and place it on top of the wheel rim slightly lopsided.

Force the tire down on the rim past the lip. You should be able to push the first half of the tire on with your hands. Carefully use a tire iron for leverage to pry the remaining portion of the tire into position. Be careful not to damage the rim. Ensure that the beads of the tire are past the lip.

Use a manual or compressed air pump to inflate the tire to the proper pressure. You may hear a pop during this process, which typically means the beads have properly seated against the rim.

Wet the tire down and look for any bubbling from air seeping out. Hopefully that isn't the case and you're ready to put the wheel back on your golf cart. If air is coming out, you may have to adjust the beads against the lip, or use a patch if a hole is in the wall of the tire.


Check your new tire&#039;s pressure a day or two after you&#039;ve driven with it on your cart. If necessary, add additional air.


Always wear safety glasses when working with tools.

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