How to Change the Tire on a Toyota RAV 4

by Aaron ReynoldsUpdated November 07, 2017
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Items you will need

  • Jack

  • Lug wrench

A flat tire shouldn't be a major problem for Toyota RAV4 owners. Be prepared by verifying that you have the proper tools to change the tire. A spare tire, jack and lug wrench are essential tools. The Toyota RAV4 comes equipped with a full-size spare tire attached to the rear of the vehicle. In 2009, an optional sports package was added that gives the motorist the option to delete the rear spare tire and use a small spare instead.

Park the vehicle on as flat a surface as possible. When driving with a flat, it is not always as easy to find the perfect parking spot, but avoid any hills. Turn on emergency flashers for added safety. Remove the spare tire. Place it near the tire that needs replaced. The Toyota RAV4’s jack and lug wrench are normally kept under the front seat on the passenger side. Remove these tools and also place them near the tire that is to be replaced.

Locate the lifting points on the Toyota RAV4. The jack will not lift properly if the correct lifting points are not used. Unlike on other vehicles, the lifting points are on the suspension, not on the frame of the vehicle. When changing a front tire, locate the lift points behind the wheels. The rear lifting points are several inches in from the edge of the frame, slightly forward of the wheel. Attach the jack to the lifting points. The five lug nuts need to be loosened but not removed. Place the lug wrench on the first nut and turn the wrench counterclockwise. Loosen the next one directly opposite of the first until all five lug nuts are loose.

Raise the vehicle by turning the jack. The tire only needs to be raised high enough to easily move the tire without rubbing against the surface the vehicle is parked on. Make sure that the spare tire will have adequate clearance also.

Remove all the lug nuts from the flat tire. Firmly grip the tire and remove it from the vehicle. Once the tire has been removed, attach the spare tire to the same location. Tighten the lug nuts enough that the tire will not fall off when lowered to the ground.

Turn the jack to lower the tire to the ground. Re-tighten the lug nuts in the same order that you loosened and removed them. The lug nuts should be as secure and tight as when you began. The flat tire can now be stored in the same location on the vehicle as the spare tire.

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