How to Change the Bulb in a Town & Country Dome Light

by Jody L. Campbell

Some Town & Country models may have multiple interior dome lights. For example, they may have a center (main) dome light located just behind the front seats, and it may also come equipped with push-in map lights on the front driver and passenger sides. In any case, the procedure is similar, but the replacement bulbs may be different depending on the dome light and the year of your T&C.

Inspect the lens of the dome light or map light which is burned out. The lens will have some play in it from side to side. You will need to manipulate it front to rear and side to side to determine the location of the tabs--two on one side that sit into slots and hold the lens in place.

Place the small flat-head screwdriver into the side between the lens and the housing that you see the tabs on until the tabs are exposed and you can pry downward on the lens to free it from the housing.

Remove the bulb from the socket.

Install the new bulb. Test the bulb before replacing the lens to make sure it's working.

Insert the tab side of the lens first by inserting the tabs into the slots and pushing inward and upward until it locks into place.

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