How to Change the Power Steering Fluid on a Honda CRV

by Nathaniel Miller

The Honda CRV is an all around SUV that not only delivers power and off road capabilities but provides gas mileage that allows it to double as a commuter too. The power steering pump of a CRV uses hydraulic pressure to leverage your steering arms side to side, which makes it easier for you to turn and handle the car. As with all internal automotive fluids, the power steering fluid should be changed periodically (every 100,000 miles) and needs frequent monitoring to be sure that it is maintaining the correct level. Change your fluid regularly to ensure a long lasting CRV drivetrain.

Step 1

Locate the power steering reservoir under the hood of your CRV. It is located on the firewall of the driver's side of the vehicle and is a white ABS plastic reservoir.

Step 2

Unscrew the cap of the reservoir and then slide the fluid removal tool into the reservoir and squeeze the bulb at the top to fill the tool with used fluid. Dispose of the fluid into a container by squeezing the bulb again. Continue transferring fluid from the reservoir to a container until the reservoir is empty.

Step 3

Pour new power steering fluid into the reservoir and then screw the cap back on. Drive the CRV as normal for a week and then repeat the process of removing the old power steering fluid from the reservoir the next weekend. Do this for a course of 2 to 3 weekends to fully exchange all of the old fluid from your system with new.

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