How to Change a Rear Tire on a Ford Escape

by Kate Evelyn

A Ford Escape is a large sports utility vehicle. Since it is of a quite intimidating size, some people may be worried about having to change a rear tire. However, there is no need to worry. There is not much of a difference in procedure when changing the tire on a Ford Escape compared to changing the tire on most other four-wheel passenger vehicles. Also, changing the rear tire is not any more difficult than changing a front tire (unless you have something extremely heavy sitting in the trunk or on the back seat).

Step 1

Open the hatch and lift the carpet to access the spare tire, the lug wrench and the jack. Place the jack on the ground underneath the back end of the rear door nearest the flat tire. Try to put it underneath one of the beams for the frame so you don't nick or scratch your truck. Pump the handle on the jack to lift the truck about 5 inches up. You don't want it completely off the ground just yet, since it will make the lug nuts harder to turn with the tire turning along with them.

Step 2

Use your lug wrench to turn the lug nuts on the rim of the tire counterclockwise. Once they are halfway off, jack the car the rest of the way off the ground. Then remove the nuts all the way and gently pull the tire off of the vehicle.

Step 3

Put your spare tire on your truck by lining the holes in the center of the rim up with the wheel bolts on the truck. Then secure the tire with the lug wrench using the same lug nuts you just removed from the other tire.

Step 4

Lower the jack by twisting the handle to the left. This should let the air out of it slowly. Give the lug nuts one final tightening after the tire is back on the ground.

Step 5

Put the jack and the lug wrench back in the trunk along with your flat tire. Take the tire to a mechanic to determine if it can be repaired or must be replaced.

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