How to Change Radios in a 2006 Chevy Impala

by Allen Moore

The radio in a 2006 Chevy Impala mounts in the center of the dash for easy access by the driver and front passenger. Many people decide to upgrade their radio after purchasing the Impala. Others who have a malfunction in the radio face replacing it under less desirable circumstances. Most auto-sound shops will change the radio for you, but if you're handy with a set of tools and have a spare half hour on your hands, you can change the radio on your 2006 Impala yourself.

Pry the trim bezel that surrounds the radio faceplate and environment control head off the dash board using the trim tool. Use caution, as the bezel cracks easily.

Remove the bolts holding the radio to the dashboard frame with a socket wrench. Grab the sides of the radio and slide it out of the dashboard by pulling it towards you.

Squeeze the retaining clip on the radio wiring harness connector, where the wiring harness plugs into the back of the radio, and pull the wiring harness out of the back of the radio. Pull the antenna connection out of the back of the radio as well. Set the old radio aside.

Plug the wiring harness and antenna connection into the back of the new radio. Slide the new radio into the Impala's dashboard manually.

Reinstall the radio mounting bolts with the socket set. Hold the trim bezel in place on the dash board and push it back into place, making sure the retaining clips slide into their anchor holes; you may need to hammer gently on the bezel with the side of your fist or base of your palm to snap all the clips into the anchor holes.


  • check If you're replacing the factory radio with an aftermarket radio, you may need to purchase an aftermarket radio installation kit from your local auto-sound retailer. The kit comes with a wiring harness adapter that plugs into the Impala's wiring harness and then into the aftermarket radio. It also has shims and adapters to allow a slimmer radio to fit the space and not leave you with a hole in your dashboard.

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