How to Change the Map Light on a 2004 Ford F-150

by Rex Molder

The 2004 Ford F-150 pickup is equipped with dual overhead map lights. The lights are part of the overhead console assembly. To turn on a 2004 F-150 map light, you push up on the lens until it clicks. If you do this and the light doesn't come on, it's likely that the bulb is burned out. You can either replace the bulb with a standard replacement, or you can purchase aftermarket LED bulbs that provide better visibility and last longer.

Detach the console from the headliner. The console attaches with clips; there are no screws to remove. Grasp the console on the sides, toward the rear. Press in on the sides as you pull down on the console. The first time you remove it, you will need to apply a lot of force to detach it.

Rotate the socket of the map light bulb you want to replace counterclockwise, and pull it out of the console. Pull the bulb out of the socket and insert the new bulb.

Insert the socket into the console and rotate it clockwise to lock it into place.

Replace the overhead console. Place it in the proper position and apply upward pressure. You will feel it snap into place. Press around all the edges to ensure all of the clips are fully seated.


  • close Be careful when you pull the console off the headliner. It will still be attached via the wiring harness, but you will have plenty of room to complete the task with detaching the harness.

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