How to Change a Window Lift Motor on a Nissan Quest

by Carl Pruit

Replacing the window lift motor on the Nissan Quest is a job that you can do in about an hour or two. Occasionally, the motor can wear out from usage or weather conditions, requiring that you change it so the window will work properly. The window lift motor is attached to the inside of the door frame with bolts and you can access the device by taking the door panel off the frame.

Step 1

Unfasten the plastic cover panels on the interior door panel of the Nissan Quest with a small standard screwdriver and set the panels out of the way. Lift the control switch panel off the door panel with a small standard screwdriver and unfasten the electrical wire connector from the back of the switch.

Step 2

Set the control switch panel out of the way and, with a socket wrench, remove the bolts from the door panel that are securing the panel to the door frame. Unfasten the screws that attach the door panel to the frame with a Phillips screwdriver.

Step 3

Take the interior door panel off the door frame and set it out of the way. Pull the plastic liner back to locate the window lift motor and verify that the window glass is all the way up.

Step 4

Raise the window up by hand if it is not already up and put masking tape around the top of the door frame and on both sides of the window glass to hold it in place. Disconnect the electrical connector from the bottom of the window motor and unfasten the bolts holding the motor in place on the door frame with a socket wrench.

Step 5

Remove the old motor from the door frame and fasten the new window lift motor to the door frame with the bolts. Attach the electrical connector to the bottom of the new motor and put the plastic lining back in place with masking tape.

Step 6

Place the door panel back on the door frame and attach the panel to the frame with the screws and bolts. Fasten the electrical wiring connector to the back of the control switch panel and snap the switch panel into the door panel.

Step 7

Snap the plastic cover panels into the door panel of the Nissan Quest.

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