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How to Change a Turn Indicator Bulb on a Toyota 4Runner

by Steve Bradley

A Toyota 4Runner is a rugged truck that can battle rain, mud and snow. However, any vehicle is only as strong as its weakest part, and something as simple as a light bulb could have a huge impact on your safety. Turn indicator lights are some of the most important lights on a vehicle. Without them accidents are much more likely as the automobile behind you will not realize you are about to make a turn. Luckily replacing a broken turn-signal bulb is an easy do-it-yourself job.


Locate the access point for the turn indicator bulb. Depending on the year of your Toyota 4Runner this could be in one of two places: on the outside, where you would remove the plastic lens, or on the inside, under the hood or inside the trunk. Look for a few small Phillips-head screws as these will indicate the access point.


Remove the screws that hold on the plastic lens with a Phillips-head screwdriver, if there is outside access. For interior access there will be a protective cover that needs to be removed. Turn the tab and remove the cover.


Turn the old bulb in a counterclockwise motion to remove it. Use old bulb as a model to purchase a replacement for your local auto parts store. You can also check your owners manual for your Toyota 4Runner for the proper bulb-style number.


Inspect the inside of the light socket. If it is dirty or you see corrosion use a small wire brush to gently scrub out the socket. A piece of 150-grit sandpaper will also work.


Insert the new bulb and turn it clockwise to secure. Test the bulb before replacing the cover or lens.


Re-attach the protective cover or plastic lens and tighten the screws.

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