How to Change the Headlights on a Chevy Blazer

by Jody L. Campbell

There are two types of headlight replacement options on a Chevy Blazer depending on the year. The older type takes the old-fashioned sealed beam replacement headlight and the newer type of Blazer takes the composite halogen bulb replacement. Neither are that difficult to change and you can save yourself some labor charges by installing them yourself.

How to Change the Sealed Beam Headlights on a Chevy Blazer

Step 1

Remove the four screws from the headlight bezel with the Phillips head magnetic-tipped screwdriver. There are two screws at the top on either side of the headlight and two more at the bottom. Do not accidentally turn the headlight adjusting screws.

Step 2

Remove the bezel.

Step 3

Remove the sealed beam headlight from the headlight cavity and unplug the wire from the back of it.

Step 4

Plug the wire into the back of the new sealed beam headlight and insert it into the headlight cavity.

Replace the bezel and screws and tighten. Test the headlight to make sure it's working.

How to Change the Halogen Headlights on a Chevy Blazer

Step 1

Open the hood and locate the jack screws near the headlight assembly on the upper radiator support.

Step 2

Remove the black protective caps from the top of the jack screws.

Step 3

Remove the jack screws using the ratchet and the 3/16-inch 6-sided socket.

Step 4

Pull the headlight assembly from the headlight assembly cavity. Some Blazers may have side-by-side units so if this is the case, make sure you know if you're replacing the high beam or low beam. Single unit headlight assemblies use the same bulb for high beam and low beam.

Step 5

Unplug the wire going to the bulb and turn the bulb counterclockwise at the back of the headlight assembly and remove it.

Step 6

Insert the new bulb into the headlight assembly, but do not touch the glass bulb of the new headlight. Oils in our skin can compromise the life span of a halogen bulb.

Plug the wire back into the headlight and turn it on to test it. If it tests okay, reinsert the headlight assembly into the cavity and line up the jack screws. Tighten the screws and replace the protective caps. Remove the tools and old headlight and close the hood.

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