How to Change Headlight on a Mercedes C240

by Jule Pamplin

Without warning, bulbs essential for safe driving can burn out. To replace the headlight on a Mercedes C240, it is always an option to have a dealership or other mechanic perform the procedure; but with a few careful steps, you can replace the headlight bulbs yourself.

Step 1

Ensure the power to the headlight is turned off. The way to be completely sure is to disconnect the battery from the Mercedes C240.

Step 2

Open the headlight cover. To gain access, open the hood and locate the headlight cover at the front of your Mercedes, on either side of the front grille. The cover opens by pressing the clamp that secures the compartment.

Step 3

Pull the electrical connecting wire from the bulb. Remove the retaining spring to remove the bulb. The spring does not need to be fully removed; un-clipping one side will provide access to the bulb.

Step 4

Insert the new bulb. Only handle the bulb with paper or cloth--no skin to glass contact. Connect the power wire to the base of the new bulb.

Step 5

Click into place the retaining spring. Replace the headlight cover (snaps into place).

Step 6

Reconnect the battery and test the new headlight.

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